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  • iOS 16+

  • Android 10+

Upgrade your driving experience

The new and improved CO-DRIVER NO2
Getting warnings on speed cameras and road hazards has never been more convenient. Nor smart. Nor good looking.

A community-driven device

Developed with our community

Based on numerous interviews with users and a survey with more than 10.000 respondents, we've implemented community feedback directly into the new CO-DRIVER.


Never running out of battery means never running out of warnings. Now you can recharge your CO-DRIVER directly from your car with the included usb-c charging cable.

0 %

Wanted a rechargeable battery.


Get OOONO on the map. Literally. With the new navigation feature, you get your warnings integrated on your route from A to B.

78 %

Wanted in-app navigation

LED Light ring

Getting warnings in traffic has never been so intuitive. Nor looked so good. The warnings are naturally designed to not distract you in traffic, yet ensuring you’ll know if something’s coming up ahead.

69 %

Wanted improved visual warnings.

Get OOONO on the big screen. Literally.

Over 78% of our community asked for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and in-app navigation. You’re welcome.

Better light,
better sound,
better warnings.

Improved warnings for improved traffic safety.
All to make sure you're informed and alert on your journey. Experience it for yourself.

Additions here, improvements there

Dismiss alarm button

Traffic isn't static. Warnings can become outdated. With the new button, you can dismiss a warning if it's no longer present.

Magnetic mounts

Handling your CO-DRIVER should be easy. So it is: Magnetic mounts make it’s easy-peasy lemon squeezy to put up and take down your device.

Traffic safety in a box

What's included

Everything you need to get your CO-DRIVER NO2 up and running. And keep running. ‘Cause it’s rechargeable.


USB-C Cable

USB-C → USB Adapter

Magnetic Mounts

Lighting your way through traffic

There’s plenty of reasons to upgrade




Live traffic warnings

Rechargeable battery

Magnetic Mounts

LED Ring

CarPlay and Android Auto


Get live traffic updates

Speed Cameras

Alerts on all types of speed cameras: fixed cameras, mobile cameras, section control and red light cameras.

Road Hazards

Get warnings on accidents, road works, stranded cars, and similar road hazards.

Speed Limit Warnings

Coming soon

Speeding is rarely intentional. Get warnings when you exceed the speeding limit and prevent speeding.

Still in doubt?


If you’re familiar with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, you can use the OOONO app exactly like you use your other apps on either.

If you’re not familiar with either, via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto you can connect your smartphone, either via Bluetooth or USB, to your car’s integrated screen. This way you can use apps, and now the OOONO app, through that very screen instead of your phone.

Easy. Simply enter the navigation option, insert your destination and you’ll have your route guidance directly in the OOONO app. Just like any other navigation app, but with your beloved traffic warnings shown visually.

Nope. All core functionalities on the CO-DRIVER NO2 are free - just like with the CO-DRIVER NO1. If you preorder the CO-DRIVER NO2, you’ll get 1 year of Apple CarPlay/Android Auto & Navigation for free. After 365 days, these services are available for a add-on fee of €1/month. The service isn’t binding and can be cancelled anytime. 

You can still use all of the other CO-DRIVER NO2 features if your car doesn’t have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Naturally, you won’t pay for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto neither.

Of course. The CO-DRIVER NO1 still works perfectly fine and will continue to do so. All maintenance and support on the CO-DRIVER NO1 will keep the same high standards as you know it from today.

Pre-ordering, payments and shipping

We expect it'll be end of September. You’ll be notified 24 hours before you can preorder.

Boring answer, but it all comes down to when you preorder it. Shipping information will be available both before and after you preorder the CO-DRIVER NO2. When preordering the product, an expected delivery date will be shown. This date is the latest you’ll receive your CO-DRIVER NO2.

You pay for the CO-DRIVER NO2 once it’s been shipped. When preordering the device, you’ll have to make a transaction of €0 to verify that your card is working, but your card won’t be charged until the product has been shipped.

You can cancel your preorder at any time up until the product has been shipped. After that, you have 14 days of full right of withdrawal on items purchased in our web shop.

Once you preorder the CO-DRIVER NO2, you’ll receive an order confirmation. In here, you’ll find all preorder details, including product information and expected delivery date.

Around 5-7 days before your CO-DRIVER NO2 is shipped, you’ll receive a reminder. This way you’ll have time to cancel your preorder.

Yes. Simply reach out to our customer support and they’ll make sure to help you change your shipping address.

Yes. Simply reach out to our customer support if you wish to change your payment method. If your card expires in the period of preorder and shipment, your new card should be charged automatically instead. If it doesn’t happen, please contact our customer support.

Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, Finland.




Including 12 months for free

CarPlay + Navigation

Sign up and be the first to know when the CO-DRIVER NO2 is available. You'll also secure an Early-Bird offer incl. 12 months free CarPlay/Android Auto & Navigation.

Shipping information

Free 3-5 days delivery